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靠的产品质量为瑞士哈弗莱公司赢得了客户最大的信任和高度美誉。 精密仪器,完美品质,瑞士制造,始


职位: 软件工程师 【工作地点: 北京】


工作职责 Job responsibility:

1. 开发可靠,实用的嵌入式工业用测试仪器的应用程序,Windows驱动程序,Linux相关的驱动程序, Bootloader, 系统裁剪和移植等Design, development and test high performance, highly optimized real time embedded application, windows driver and Linux drivers for industrial used measurement instruments. 

2. 根据项目要求分析并提供可行的设计解决方案Analyze product requirements and participate in product implementation. 

3.跨平台的嵌入式实时多线程控制应用程序开发和调试Object oriented software design and implementation within real-time embedded system architecture; make it work in cross-platform environment. 

4.分析解决软件故障问题Diagnose and troubleshoot software problems; 

5.在工业使用环境下测试和提高软件可靠性Test software reliabilities and products performance at the industrial environment.


资格要求 Qualifications:

1. 本科以上学历,计算机,电子工程或相关专业Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related technical degree or above

2. 三年以上嵌入式软件设计开发经验3+ years embedded software system design and development experience;

3. 熟练掌握在Windows 和Linux 环境下的C/C++编程Solid and hands-on C\C++ programming experience both on Windows and Linux;

4. 熟练掌握Windows 和Linux 驱动程序设计Deep Knowledge on Windows drivers and Linux drivers development

5. 有电子电路硬件设计基础,了解产品应用,最好有硬件设计经验Understand Electronic circuit hardware and the applications of the products. Hardware design experience is a plus.

6. 较强的解决问题的能力, 能较快的解决现场遇到的问题,有较强的动手能力Strong problem-solving ability, action quickly and active in facing challenge, and manage to overcome efficiently.

7. 最好有iPhone 应用开发经验Experience in iPhone application development is a plus.

8. 英语流利,能用英语交流 Fluent in English.


联系方式 Contact:

公司地址: 北京朝阳区朝阳路67号财经中心8-1-602;

公司主页: http://www.haefely.com.cn



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